On June 3rd, we gathered with excitement to celebrate World Environment Day, putting the spotlight on taking care of our environment and making things last. The Environment Club at Kibuli SS organized a special event that got everyone talking. They even launched their own garden with the help of Raising Gabdho Foundation (RGF), UNHCR, and DCA. People from NFA and Tropical High School also came by.

Look at the pictures above – those are students showing off cool stuff they made from old things like bottles and clothes. They wanted to show how we can help the environment by using things again instead of throwing them away.

One of the people, Mr. Obio, told everyone about how planting trees is super important. He said trees can help stop bad things from getting in the air and even make money by selling the wood. “Planting trees helps keep our air clean and we can also make money from the wood. It’s a win-win,” he told everyone.

Students also talked about their garden and how to make it stay healthy. They talked about problems they had and how they found answers. They also talked about plastic waste and how we can use it again instead of just throwing it away.

Mr. Ochad from Tropical High School was happy with what the students did. He told them to keep doing good things and to teach other students about taking care of the environment.

Sarah Basemera from RGF said the students did an awesome job. She liked how they used old things to make new stuff that helps our environment.

Atwahib, who is part of the club, said thanks to everyone who came. He said the event worked out because everyone helped. He also said the club wants to keep going and teach more students how to take care of our world.

A big thanks goes to the Kibuli SS Environment Club and everyone who helped. Let’s keep thinking of new ideas, working together, and doing our part to make the world a better, greener place. We can make a change, together!

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